extension of your team

You’ve worked hard to put your team in place. We never want to replace your team but rather to become a critical part of your team, sharing your vision and helping you to effectively and efficiently accomplish your recruiting program. You have commitments to stakeholders throughout your organization and we want to give you more time and resources to get everything done.


Cultural fit is critical to hiring success or failure. According to Forbes, 89% of hiring failures are a result of poor cultural fit. Great job fit is important as well but you want to be sure a candidate aligns with your values, beliefs, and attitudes.

GEM Resourcing becomes part of your team to completely understand your unique culture. We spend time with you, the hiring manager, and other key stakeholders to gain insight into:

  • Vision / mission
  • Environment and workplace style
  • Expectations
  • Social aspects
  • Key personalities
  • Potential difficulties


We always want to make your team look great! So it is very important that we understand your goals, KPI’s, and critical reporting data. Our business is built on long-term relationships so it is critical that we understand everything that is unique about your organization.



Relationships are built on honesty and trust. We will always give you feedback regarding candidates, interviews, and processes and we expect the same in return. We are one team and your success drives our success.


Let GEM Resourcing help you find the right extension to your team today!