going the extra mile

GEM Resourcing – our name comes from “Going the Extra Mile” which defines our approach and every aspect of what we do. It is much more than just looking for candidates.

Our approach includes a clear understanding of your team, your company, your culture and your goals. We have developed repeatable, scalable processes that consistently produce strong, loyal hires who grow with your company and produce amazing results that exceed your expectations. We always stay ahead of trends and new technologies and we partner with you to make you better at what you do.


You’ve worked hard to put your team in place. We never want to replace your team but rather to become a critical part of your team, sharing your vision and helping you to effectively and efficiently accomplish your recruiting program. You have commitments to stakeholders throughout your organization and we want to give you more time and resources to get everything done... Continue reading


We find the right people with the right skill set, to seamlessly fit into your unique culture. And, we find them quickly, bridging the gaps left by open positions and keeping your organization on track to meet your business goals. We use our extensive network and out-of-the-box resources to find the candidates you want. Wasting your time with an unqualified candidate... Continue reading


At GEM Resourcing we are always going the extra mile and we do so much more than just bring you candidates for review. GEM Resourcing drives optimal results, working with you to: Write job descriptions Develop evaluation tools Complete background checks Contact references Identify skill and personality assessments Position Descriptions and Evaluation Tools Strong, detailed job descriptions give... Continue reading